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We understand that shopping for suits can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be. The 2 most important things to consider when suit shopping are fit and fabric. For example, many first time suit buyers do not know the differences and benefits to different suit fabrics, or how a jacket is supposed to fit them. We pride ourselves on offering an approachable and helpful environment at all times, whether it be for a bridal party, a graduating student, a professional, or somebody looking to start expanding their formal wardrobe. While we do have a wide variety of incredible products in the store, our favourite is the service we provide to our customers and the community.

Here are some outlines of a few different suit options available in the store. If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always happy to help.

Synthetic Blend Suits - $275

These are our “entry level” suits, that $275 price point includes Jacket and Pants, as well as tailoring on those pants to make sure length, taper, and waist are all properly fitted. This is a conveninent and approachable option for customers looking to outfit a wedding party without breaking the bank, ( as weddings can already be quite expensive), for graduating students that would like to have a formal option, but don’t want to invest in a wool suit quite yet. These are also practical for anyone who might be fluctuating in size currently, as they are an accessible way to have up to date and fitted clothing in your wardrobe. They come in a variety of different colours year round, on top of your basics, such as black, grey and blue. You will brighter and more vibrant colours and patterns in the Spring, and more toned down and neutral options in the Fall. Many of our synthetic suits have a “ suit separate” option, which is also convenient for wedding parties where the desired look is not to have everyone in a suit, but still wanting to have a matching pant/vest option.

Wool Suits - $500-$700

A wool suit is the staple suit in Men’s Clothing, it has been around for as long as suits have, due to the incredible natural properties of wool. While wool exists in many different weights, each of which has a different purpose, suits are typically made of a lighter weight blend of wools, resulting in a breathable, lightweight, naturally stretchy,comfortable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Wool is a natural fiber, which makes it easy to take care of, meaning it lasts much longer than a synthetic fabric can, as a synthetic fabric has to be cleaned/dry cleaned more often. While wool definitely comes with a price, the added benefits of the natural fiber are often easy to understand. In store you will find wool suits in your core colour groups, blacks, greys, blues, and browns, with some patterned and textured options as well.

Custom Suits - Made to Measure - $995-$1500

We are very happy to offer a full made to measure suit program here, as it allows us to be as accommodating as possible year round. We have an extensive supply of fabrics that we have access to throughout the year, meaning we are able to meet almost any request for suits. While the wool quality within the made to measure program is comparable to the finer wools we have within the store, the largest difference you will find with a custom suit is the fit. Having a suit made perfectly for you is hard to beat, as any minor discomfort you may have found in an “ off the rack” suit is avoided. Turnaround time for custom suits throughout the year is approximately 4-6 weeks, though if you are wearing it for a specific occasion we recommend coming in at least 3-4 months in advance, to make sure there is plenty of time for all of your tailoring and requests. 

I hope this information has been helpful to you, though it really is the tip of the iceberg here. If you have any questions at all, we’re always here to help.

Talk soon, 

Lucas Cameron James McKinnon


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